Die persönlichen Daten, die in der Phase des Bestellungsvorganges angefragt werden, werden von Ottimo Srl gesammelt und auf Informatikträgern behandelt, damit die Verpflichtungen, die aus dem mit dem Kunden abgeschlossenen Vertrag hervorgehen, erfüllt werden können und werden aus keinem Grund an Dritte weitergegeben. Ottimo Srl garantiert seinen Kunden, die Normen in Sachen der Behandlung von persönlichen Daten zu respektieren, diese sind diszipliniert von den Gesetzesvorschriften des Datenschutzes nach Gesetzesdekret Nr. 196 vom 30.06.03. Inhaber der Datenbehandlung ist Marlen italia, Piazza dei Gerani 37, 000172 Rom (RM) Italien, in der Person, die Fall für Fall die Gesetzesvertretung innehat, es sei denn, es wird ein Verantwortlicher im Sinne des Art.29 des Gesetzesdekrets Nr. 196/2003 ernannt.

Dem Kunden steht in jedem Moment das Recht zu, die Einverständniserklärung der Behandlung seiner persönlichen Daten zurückzunehmen, indem er eine schriftliche Mitteilung an den Geschäftssitz der Marlen italia schickt. Der Kunde, welcher erklärt, die Information gemäß Art. 13 und über die ihm zustehenden Rechte gemäß Art. 7 des Gesetzesdekrets 196/2003 erhalten zu haben, hat das Recht, seine persönlichen Daten in den hier vorgesehenen Modalitäten einzusehen. Marketingkommunikationen werden nur verschickt, wenn eine ausdrückliche Zustimmung des Kunden vorliegt, die zusammen mit der Autorisation der Behandlung der Daten bei der Zusendung des Formulars der Online-Registrierung erfolgt ist.

Jede eventuelle Reklamation muss an Marlen italia, Piazza dei Gerani 37, 00172 ROMA Italien gewandt werden.

Der Kaufvertrag zwischen dem Kunden und Marlen italia gilt als in Italien abgeschlossen und ist vom italienischen Recht geregelt. Für die Lösung von zivil- und strafrechtlichen Streitigkeiten, die sich aus dem Abschluss dieses Telekaufvertrages ableiten, wenn der Kunde ein Endverbraucher ist, ist die territoriale Kompetenz die des Gerichtsstandes seiner Wohngemeinde, in allen anderen Fällen ist die territoriale Kompetenz ausschließlich jene.

This is the webpage for, with a legally registered office located in Piazza dei gerani, 37 Rome 00172, and a headquarters operating in Strada galli 56 Villa Adriana 00010 Tivoli  who is responsible for the processing of data concerning you. For information about this processing of information and to exercise your rights, you may write an e-mail to or if you prefer to contact us in written form, you may address your letter to the private office of Marlen italia  located at Piazza dei Gerani 37 Rome 00172

Personal Data Collected

When you connect to a website certain data such as your IP address and characteristics associated to your internet browser are inevitably acquired. In addition, websites today are dynamic allowing you to interact via question and answer forums, connect to social networks, and they may track your behaviour and personal interests. All of the above mentioned may be acquired to improve your navigation experience and facilitate the search of products and services. Finally, our website uses a technical element called cookies to assist and improve your browsing experience. If you are a registered user and you have already consented to the processing, such data may be registered, associated to your profile and kept as long as you maintain a relationship with us. Upon the termination of this relationship your data will be deleted, without prejudice to legal obligations.

Reasons we share personal data

When you visit our website, it is as if you are looking in a showcase window- we are able to see what you are doing from the inside. We are interested in what you are looking at and retain this information to improve our offers for products and services via the web. If you are not a registered user, your data will remain anonymous but we are still able to trace your information indirectly. Other forms of data will only be collected explicitly upon given consent. Your information will always be processed by competent professionals who will ensure that the processing of your data is limited to only what is necessary and will be securely managed through computer systems and protected paper archives. Your data will not be disclosed, transferred outside of the EU or passed on to a third party unless it is legally requested by the law or authorities. Your data may be managed by parties outside of our organization but will remain in our control, to guarantee certain activity.

Your rights

It is your right to know what data has been collected, how it is managed, to whom it will eventually be communicated, to obtain a digital copy, and to intervene on any requests to block, modify, update and/or cancel the acquired contact details indicated in the previous sections of this document. If you are a registered user and you want to cancel your profile, you must log-in with your credentials and select this option. If you have any problems concerning this cancellation you can write to the above-mentioned addresses and we will assist you.

If you believe this information is not sufficient, we advise you to consult the provided policy statement. If this information does not satisfy your needs, you may contact us at the above-mentioned addresses for clarification. If you still have doubts, you may contact the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data through the website at

COMPLETE PRIVACY STATEMENT FOR THE USERS OF THIS WEBSITE, Articles 13-14, European Regulation 679/2016, as applicable, Article 13, Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (includes the process of navigation data and cookies)

The company has its registered office in [INDIRIZZO], and its headquarters operating in [INDIRIZZO], holder of the processing in accordance to the European Regulation 679/2016 and, as applicable, of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, (hereinafter for the sake of brevity, owner)


the registered and unregistered users who connect to the website WWW.RETEMARLEN.COM, that all personal data collected by the company, acquired from third parties or through interested parties via the features of this website (working with us, newsletters, competitions and events etc.) will be processed in a lawful and correct manner, respecting the principles established by community and Italian laws.

Data processed

Navigation data: IP address, operating system and browser used for navigation, date and time of visit, pages visited, activities carried-out, location (if the related service is active) and anything else that is made available by your computer, based on security settings.

Personal Data: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone or radiotelephone, fax, physical address, and where available, data on your CV if forwarded to us through the “work with us” section.

Purpose and legal basis of the processing

The collection and any other processing of data acquired through the website is carried out by the owner at the company’s premises, in compliance with the security measures and requirements imposed by European Regulation 679/2016 and, where applicable, by Legislative Decree 196/2003, or by any subjects delegated by it (specifically selected and equipped with the necessary professionalism), with manual and computerized procedures, to provide; the user with a simple and rewarding navigation experience, to collect useful elements in order to improve the products and services offered through the website, to execute specific requests of the interested party, for the pre-contractual and contractual obligations for ordinary administrative, financial and other accounting related tasks, to ensure the proper management of customers during the marketing and sale of products, for after-sales assistance, and for the fulfillment of legal obligations. The services are also aimed at the compilation of statistics anonymously or held under a pseudonym.

The Services, at the request of the interested party or after the acquisition of specific consent, may also be carried out through CRM and customer care, to understand the degree of satisfaction, taste, preferences, and habits of the interested party, for sending commercial information or advertising material, for direct marketing campaigns, for participation in games, competitions or premium transactions, for the involvement in events and demonstrations, for the distribution of services, market research and other transactions directly or indirectly attributable to marketing activity.

The Legal basis under which your data is processed is of a legitimate interest with the owner’s intention to manage the users’ browsing data in order to improve the offer of products and services through the website. Consent is given by the interested parties and any related obligations are established in pre-contractual and contractual phase of the relationship. It is always possible to request clarification on the legal basis of any service connected to the law, provided from a contract or required to conclude a contract.

The source and nature of the data

Data collection may be done through the company’s website, by analyzing navigation activity or completion of fields requesting information. 

In regards to the registered user, the data controller processes personal data, contact details, telephone and telecommunication data, as well as any banking information used for payments, and other necessary data retrieved in order to meet the requests of the interested party. The data conferral is therefore mandatory, without an agreement or refusal it is not possible to initiate a statement. 

It is necessary to highlight that any incorrect or insufficient information provided upon request may result in total or partial impossibility to execute the request of the interested party or fulfill any obligations in relation to the commitments undertaken, resulting in possible a non-correspondence to the agreements made or obligations imposed by rules and regulations relating to the processing of data. 

Other data, however, is collected for the sole purpose of updating promotional campaigns, offers and, in general, business activity, in accordance to the interest of the customer and other subjects involved. Their contribution, however, is not mandatory and any refusal to process or revoke consent does not hinder the establishment or the continuation of the principal relationship.

Data Pertaining to Minors

Children under the age of 16 cannot provide data without the consent of a parent or guardian. The owner will not be responsible for any false statements provided by minors and if the consent is proven false all personal data and information acquired will be immediately disposed of. In any event, consent of a minor to the processing of data is authorized to access information from the information society for children aged 16 or older. Children under the age of 18 can still approve and sign terms of condition and services.

Navigation Data

The IT system and software used for the corporate web portal acquire, during its normal function, some personal data that is included in the use of our products offered via the internet.

This information is not stored to identify the subjects’ data but, due to its nature, can, through processing and association with other data managed by third party sources, allow the identification of the user.

This category of data includes the IP addresses and domain names of the computer used by the user in order to connect to the site, the URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) of the requested resource, the time of the request, the method used to send the request to the server, the size of the file received, the numerical code used to indicate the status of the response given by the server (performed or error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s computer.

This data is only obtained to create anonymous statistics during the use of the site and to ensure proper operation of the site.Usually, this data is deleted immediately after processing. It can be used and provided to law enforcement agencies and judiciaries to determine responsibility in case of any damage to the site or offenses perpetrated through the network.

Data provided by the user

The compilation of forms that may be present on the site involves the acquisition of data in the system’s memory. This information is protected by an authentication system and are only used by those in possession of the proper credentials.

They are also updated and protected appropriately, using the best available methods. Requests for information via e-mail involve storing the user’s e-mail address, which is required in order to respond to the sender’s inquiry.

This includes any data stored in the message. The owner suggests that during requests for information or services, customers do not provide personal data or information from third party sources, unless absolutely necessary.


 As with most websites, information regarding navigation is kept for statistical purposes. The collection of this information is due to cookies. A cookie is a small file which is placed onto your computer’s hard drive when it connects to a website. This data is not of a personal nature as it does not allow specific identification of the user. The data collected concerns the geographical location of the service provider, they type of browser used, the user’s IP address, pages visited etc. The information detected allows visibility to the frequency of visitation to a site and the activities carried out while browsing. This way, over time, it is possible to improve the contents of the site and the simplicity of its navigation. Even companies that provide content to our site or whose sites are accessible via links, can use cookies when the user selects a provided link. In these cases, the use of cookies is not directly controlled by the owner. Most browsers automatically accept the use of cookies, but you can reject them by adjusting your browser settings. However, if the user inhibits the presence of cookies, some components of the site may not work and some pages may appear incomplete.

Essential technical cookies

These cookies are necessary to ensure correct and smooth operation of the site. They permit; browsing pages, sharing content, storing credentials accessed to allow fast entry to the site and keep preferences and credentials active while browsing to improve the user’s browsing experience or purchasing. Without these cookies, it is not possible to provide, in whole or in part, the services for which users need to access the site.

Statistical cookies

These cookies provide an understanding of how users use the site and allow evaluation to then improve the functioning of the site and create content that may be more appropriate for our users’ preferences. For example, these cookies provide statistics on which pages are most frequently visited, how many users are visiting the site, how much time they spend on a page on average, and how visitors have arrived to the site. With this, it is possible to determine the site’s optimal functions, content which is most preferred by the users and how these elements can improve its overall functionality. All of the information collected by these cookies is anonymous and is not linked to the user’s personal data.

Third-party profiling cookies

These cookies are used by a third-party and are not directly controlled by the owner. The company cannot provide any guarantees with respect to the usage of this data because the processing is directly operated by an external agent. Cookies from these third-party operators allow us to offer advanced features as well as more information and personalized features. This includes the ability to share content through social networks and create a personalized experience on our site based on preferences that have been expressed through pages visited. If you have an account or if you use the services provided by these third-party controllers, they may be able to identify if the user has visited the company’s website. The use of data collected by these external operators through cookies is subject to the same privacy policies. Third-party profiling cookies are identified by the names of the respective operators and may be deactivated.

Management of cookies

By selecting the “OK” button displayed on the screen prompt, you are authorizing the installation of cookies onto the device being used. You can change this permission by adjusting your browser settings. This will also prevent the installation of third-party cookies and remove previously installed cookies, including those containing cookie preferences. To adjust or change your browser settings you will need to consult the software or application manufacturer’s guide. Disabling cookies may result in partial or full malfunctioning of the website.

Third-party sites

This site may periodically contain links to third-party sites or applications (Google Adwords, Analytics, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to provide additional information and services to the user. When the user uses these links, he or she leaves the company’s site and accesses other resources that are not under the direct control of the owner. The owner, therefore, is not responsible for any procedures related to the navigation, security and safety aspects of processing personal data by other sites, even in the presence of co-branding or exposure of the company logo. We recommend a careful read of the security and confidentiality procedures pertaining to the visited site, which could transmit more cookies or read those that already exist on the hard drive containing the users requests or additional personal information acquired.

Newsletter management services

The newsletter is managed by software that uses a database of e-mail addresses to send communication to registered users (through the appropriate section of the site) and which provides a cancellation procedure that the party can independently select, prompted by every communication notice sent via this website.

Interaction with social networks and external platforms

The site, through widgets and buttons, can interact with external platforms and social networks. In this case, information acquired depends on the user settings for these platforms controlled by the user and not the administrator of this site. Buttons such as “Like” on Facebook, “Tweet” on Twitter and “Recommend” on LinkedIn allow you to share pages or topics of the website with the respective social platforms and they acquire the data of the interested party. More information can be acquired on company sites that offer this type of service. This data is not managed by the holder of our website. These widgets and buttons are available only to offer additional services to the person but the site has no control over them.

Communication and dissemination

Data that is processed through the website is exclusively of a common nature and is not meant to be circulated. The owner of this website does not require and has no interest in detecting and processing classified data from regulations such as “particulars” (health, genetics, biometrics, etc.) or “penalties”, without prejudice to obligations of the law.

This data must be transferred to third-parties for the fulfillment of obligations deriving from laws or regulations (institutions, law enforcement, judicial authorities, etc.) or for activities directly or indirectly related to the established relationship. By way of example and not thoroughly, the following are cited:

  • Subjects who need to access user data for purposes related to their relationship with the owner (credit institutions, financial intermediaries, electronic monetary institutions and payment management, debt collection companies, any audit institutions of the customers or carriers, etc.)
  • Consultants, collaborators and service companies within the limits necessary to carry out the tasks negotiated by the owner
  • Subsidiary and/or affiliated companies that can access data, strictly within the limits necessary to carry out tasks entrusted by the owner

This data may be communicated to subjects within the European Union, or in countries that guarantee the same level of protection as European Regulation 679/2016 and Legislative Decree 196/2003 where applicable. An updated list of the statement data controllers can be found at the company’s headquarters.

The interested party’s data may be communicated to subjects operating out of non-EU countries that have been explicitly permitted by the interested party. In any event, data processed within these various countries will be adapted in accordance to restrictive rules that ensure the highest level of protection. They may be transferred to third-parties, even for consideration, if the concerned person has expressed consent for reasons directly or indirectly related to the activity of the owner.

Length of data retention

Data processed by our data controller, without prejudice to legal obligations, shall be kept until specifically requested by the interested party. This data will be periodically and automatically verified in order to guarantee its current state and effective compliance to the services. If the reason for which it was acquired is no longer valid the data will be deleted, unless it is required to protect user rights in court, for regulatory obligations, or it is explicitly requested by the interested party. At the end of the services and after the cancellation, the rights of the interested party can no longer be carried-out.

Rights of the Interested Party

The interested parties are granted rights in accordance to Articles 15 to 22 of GDPR 679/2016 and, if applicable, those pursuant to Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. The interested party has the right to revoke consent to the processing of data at any time and request its correction, updates, transformation into an anonymous form, limit its usage, request for portability and eventual cancellation. These rights can be exercised within the limits to which these services are not mandatory due to legal provisions or regulations. Inquiries related to exercising the rights of interested parties can be sent to the following If the interested party is not satisfied with the response provided by the data controller or the data protection officer found at this address, he or she may lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority based in Rome at Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121,