mechanical processing

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Our CNCs allow to work parts from ø 2 mm up to a maximum of ø 450 mm.

Our machine park is made up of both sliding head and fixed head lathes.

The flexibility of our organization makes us competitive for small series and prototypes and for medium and big series.
Each machine is connected to the production management software in compliance with industry 4.0 requirements and to the CAD CAM system, which allow easy data transfer, fast programming and targeted control of every single processing phase.

Main processing materials
Stainless steel, steel, iron, titanium, brass, bronze, aluminum alloys, 174ph, special steels, plastics etc.
Prominent Machinery
  • Citizen L12
  • Citizen L32
  • Miyano BNE 51
  • Okuma Multus U4000
  • Okuma LT3000 EX


We use 3/4/5 axis machinery with maximum dimensions of 1800x450x450mm with single or double pallet, we work up to 100,000 RPM, we boast a wide range of tools.

To meet every need of our customers, even the most specific ones, we are also equipped for small series, using technologically advanced machinery and entrusting metalworking to highly competent staff. We can work all type of material.

Prominent Machinery
  • Breton Matrix 800
  • Puma SMX3100
Rete Marlen Italia - Lavorazioni Meccaniche - Fresatura
Rete Marlen Italia - Lavorazioni Meccaniche - Taglio laser


The maximum cutting dimensions that we can perform are 3000x1500mm, thickness from 0.01mm to 10mm.

Marking, micro-cutting and Datamatrix are the logistic optimization of the product, among the services we offer to our customers.


Wire EDM which allows us to cut any current conducting material, of any degree of hardness, using a wire, generally the wire is usually made of brass or stratified copper, and is between 0.02 and 0.33 mm diameter.The wire can be inclined, thus making it possible to make parts with taper or with different profiles at the top and bottom.

Die-sinking EDM, we use it for the construction of details hardly achievable with other machine tools, and on materials that have already undergone heat treatments.

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We carry out TIG welding according to the UNI-EN-ISO 15614-1: 2019 15614-2: 2006 standards


We have CN bending machines 80,100,150 tons, 6 controlled axes, up to 3 meters in length.

We boast a wide range of punches.

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The carpentry work through the various phases of welding, bending, or laser cutting allow us to provide assembled parts such as consoles, rack cabinets or assembled parts in general.